this week has been horrible.. pink eye.. headache.. breakup.. my life sucks at this moment. =(

WIP for shesasimmer23.. August Alsina..(my babydaddy =))


HappyFreaky Friday..ha!

Kenyon let Janae dress him today..

request #2 Kain..

? Anonymous: hi! where did you get the male sims hair on the sims you just reblogged?

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Both sims by queensims male sim made for me

AH! I love seeing my Sims in other peoples game..

a request I’m doing for shesasimmer23.. && I quite like the way he’s turning out..

? cleotrvpah: I was using s-club hq mod but I'm about to try out AmmenahsHQ Mod

I use ammenahs.. the one updated by Kosmo.. make sure it’s the one that’s made for the latest patch that you have.. && make sure all your Sim details and edge smoothness and lighting is to the max.. then restart your game.. that should make things better.. let me know how it goes..

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