? shesasimmer23: Ayeeee Happy Birthday Boo!

MY BABY!!! thank you sweetheart!

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? applekissims: Happy Birthday Boo <3

thank you beautiful!

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? kosmokhaos: Happy Birthday :D You look gorgeous <33

thank you bby!!

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hey y’all! it’s my birthday!! =)


Suzuki & Daddy day queensims

aww his daughter turned out to be super cute! =)

I’m a lil rusty man..

jus wanted to pop in && say Hi! sorry I haven’t been on && I’ve lost a bunch of followers.. which is fine.. because the number of followers I have means nothing to me.. these last couple of months of my life has been hell honestly.. but I’m still alive && able.. so I have to let the small shit go.. I jus wanted to let everyone know I’m fine.. I’ll be back soon.. <3 I love everyone that has been asking am I okay.. and if I owe you something. you will have it really soon.

this week has been horrible.. pink eye.. headache.. breakup.. my life sucks at this moment. =(

WIP for shesasimmer23.. August Alsina..(my babydaddy =))